Friday, May 3, 2013

Some Details about the WATS Library

Here is the sign at the entry of the seminary campus.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the WATS Library. They have more than 40,000 volumes, and it is probably the best theological library in West Africa.

Here is a view of the Library from the floor above.

Yes! This works. I used it, and it was fun and very functional!

A view of the stacks...Dewey Decimal System.

Stella is reshelving...

The Circulation Desk with Reserves in the background

The Reference Section. Just beyond it you can see the carrels for undergraduate students.

The Periodicals are in a very comfortable room.

The roof leaks. :(

The Head librarian, Lizzy, has her degree in library science, but also earned a Master of Divinity degree. She has a staff of about 5 people.

Only about 30% of all the students have laptops. Here is a picture of a graduate student studying in his own personal carrel. He has his own laptop.

The library has 10 computers that were donated, but they are not yet functional. A team of helpers is due to arrive in July to get them up and running! :)

When I asked Lizzy what the greatest needs are, I thought her response was so insightful. She said everything they have has been donated from the West. What they really need is works from African authors and other perspectives.

Here is the security desk (left side)as students leave the library. People come from all over the geographical area to use this library. They are given guest passes to visit. It is a great library, and I am excited about it!